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Venue of the forum: Fergana region, Rishton district, International Pottery Center.

Dates: September 21-23, 2023.

According to the Decision No. 5229 of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Sh. M. Mirziyoyev dated August 23, 2021, it was decided to hold the International Pottery Forum and exhibition and trade of pottery products in Rishton district on September 21-23, 2023.  And also, within the framework of the Forum, a scientific-practical conference on “Preservation of traditional pottery and its development: problems and solutions” will be held.

Briefly: Broad promotion of handicrafts, which have long been considered an important sector in the market economy of the peoples of the world, including the preservation and restoration of pottery traditions and schools, which are the main directions of handicrafts, and the implementation of scientific studies and researches in this field in cooperation,  exchange of experience and organization of master classes, encouragement of talented craftsmen in this field is the main goal of the Forum.

Thorough study of the history, school and methods of pottery and its place in the socio-economic development of countries, study of the experiences of countries where pottery has developed at the industrial level and their share brings significant benefits to the country’s economy, and its implementation in our country, in the hearts of the young generation to these arts at least 200 people from every region of our country, as well as the most experienced and talented master potters, porcelain makers and industry specialists from more than 40 foreign countries are expected to participate in the forum, which is being held in order to generate interest. In order to organize the event at a high level, the task of holding the Forum on time and in a cheerful spirit is entrusted to the organizing committee.

1. Preparation for holding the forum and organizational issues.

Preparation for the Forum and its organizational issues are assigned to the Forum Organizing Committee. Also, within the framework of the Forum, the tasks of meeting and monitoring the participants, placing the participants in hotels and providing transportation, organizing meals for the participants, covering the events in the mass media, organizing cultural recreation, organizing work with translators and volunteers are also assigned.

The Council of Ministers of the Republic of Karakalpakstan, regional and Tashkent city administrations intend to place Forum advertisements on billboards, LED screens, vehicles and underground passages in all districts (cities) of our republic in order to promote the Forum more widely among our people, in large shopping centers.

Regarding the determination of the place of the forum (including the territory of the International Pottery Center in Rishtan district and the recreation park in the center of Rishtan district, as well as buildings and structures for holding the forum by the Governor of Fergana region), the relevant decision of the Governor of Fergana region  the decision is taken. The decision envisages the establishment of separate pavilions for local (in each of the 14 regions of the republic) and foreign craftsmen participating in the Forum, as well as the allocation of a separate place for entertainment events, food stalls, parking lots and eco-toilets.

The Fergana regional government, the Ministry of Construction and Housing and Communal Economy, and the Ministry of Energy have involved well-known landscape designers to carry out beautification and landscaping works in Rishton district within the framework of the Forum. In the area where the forum will be held, engineering and communication networks will be adjusted and their continuous supply will be ensured, including night lighting. In order to provide the participants of the forum with hotels, the number of available hotels in Rishtan district and neighboring districts (cities) will be checked, and if the capacity of the hotels is insufficient (less than 500 seats), by involving the initiators. 500 additional new places will be created by ensuring the construction of new hotels with 8-50 beds in Rishtan district. During the forum, in order to ensure the uninterrupted service of public catering facilities in Rishtan district, the possibilities of covering guests of existing public catering establishments in Rishtan district will be studied, as well as to ensure the provision of national-style catering services based on the requirements of the times, as necessary. It is decided to take measures to establish new cafes and restaurants.

In order to ensure continuous provision of taxi services during the Forum, the Fergana regional government and the Ministry of Transport will re-inspect the fleets of all taxi service companies in Rishtan district and examine their technical preparation status. If necessary, it is planned to mobilize taxi service providers from other regions of Fergana region to Rishtan district. According to the proposal of the initiators, it is decided to help them to purchase passenger transport vehicles on preferential terms (including on the basis of credit and leasing).

Fergana regional government, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Transport will organize special staffs to welcome and monitor the Forum participants visiting from abroad at local railway stations and airports in order to properly welcome and monitor guests at local railway stations and airports.  Additional information about the Forum will be provided at the reception areas. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism will develop separate new tourism routes for the Forum.

2. Cultural and didactic events.

In order to cover the events of the Forum at a high level, the Fergana Regional Government, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Ministry of Digital Technologies, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the “Hunarmand” association will create a Forum website and, with official registration as a mass media, regular information in three languages ​​will be published on it. Craftsmen from foreign countries who want to participate in the forum will be given the opportunity to apply and register online through this site.

In order to strengthen the promotion of the Forum, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the National Television and Radio Company, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the “Hunarmand” association prepare commercials promoting the Forum and regularly broadcast will be demonstrated them on all local TV channels. The organizers of the Forum are tasked with providing the embassies and consular offices of the Republic of Uzbekistan in foreign countries with photo and video materials promoting the Forum. It is also planned to display propaganda materials encouraging tourists and craftsmen to participate in the Forum through foreign mass media.

In order to create conditions for organizing a wide presentation of national handicraft samples at the forum, the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Karakalpakstan, regional and Tashkent city administrations, “Hunarmand” association, and the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan have organized a show of craftsmen representing the unique pottery schools of each region and the model of exhibitions is prepared. It is planned to ensure the participation of no less than 200 potters and industry representatives from all regions of the republic at the forum. Also, on the days of the Forum, there will be an exhibition of national and foreign brand products produced on the basis of modern technologies in the pottery direction of national crafts, master classes with the participation of foreign and local potters, exhibitions of pottery art, folk fairs, performances of modern and creatively staged concert programs with the participation of well-known artists of our country, handicrafts, visual and practical works of art, demonstrations of ancient pottery machines and the process of creating products, artistic and documentary films, books, albums, photographs about handicrafts, excursions to the famous pottery workshops operating in the region, theatrical performances, performances of jesters and comics, folklore and carpentry groups will be organized.

A new excursion route will be developed in order to introduce foreign guests to the cultural and educational life of Uzbekistan by the administration of Fergana region and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Improvement and repair of the areas and monuments included in this route will be carried out.

Scripts of theatrical cultural events and concert programs reflecting the cultural and historical life of our people, the lifestyle of craftsmen are prepared, and experienced directors, writers and poets, theater representatives, art and culture figures are involved in the processes of writing and staging scenarios. On the days of the forum, free WI-FI zones will be organized in the area where the Forum events are held. Also, the Forum program will be developed and presented to tourist organizations three months before the Forum, it will be posted on the Internet and social networks. Within the framework of the forum, a lot of space will be allocated to the entertainment programs of jesters and comics, folklore and goalkeeping teams. Public carnivals are organized on the days of the forum.

3. Funding of Forum events.

The organizers will develop an estimate of the expenses of the Forum. On the basis of the approved estimate, it is determined to take measures for advance payment of funds for expenses. The expenses related to the preparation of the forum and its holding, based on the estimate developed by the organizing committee and approved in the prescribed manner, in the following order, 50 percent – from the reserve fund of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan, 50  percent – will be covered from additional sources of the local budget of Fergana region, sponsorship donations of legal and natural persons and other sources not prohibited by law.

Book-albums, catalogs of handicraft products and CDs promoting handicrafts and applied art of Uzbekistan are prepared by the organizers. The costs of their printing and reproduction are included in the Forum estimate.

4. Scientific-practical conference.

As part of the forum, a scientific-practical conference will be held on the topic “Preservation of traditional pottery and its development: problems and solutions”. The agenda of the conference includes lectures by teachers and professors of higher educational institutions in the field of handicrafts and applied arts, art historians, museum historians and scientists, representatives of the field of culture and tourism. Heads of handicraft associations of different countries, media workers are also expected to participate. Also, specialists-scientists from international organizations such as UNESCO and the World Council of Craftsmen are involved. Foreign participants who express their desire to participate in the conference submit their articles and theses to the organizers of the Forum with brief information and photos attached 3 months before the Forum, and the selected articles will be published in a separate booklet. All expenses of guests participating in the conference will be included in the Forum estimate in the established manner. These costs are covered by the organizers. Representatives of the pottery organization, well-known scientists and specialists of the field, as well as honored guests, who expressed their desire to participate in the forum at their own expense (except for up to 2 members of the creative delegation), can participate based on the organizers’ proposals.